Single Phase Motors

Range: 0.09 Kw to 2.25 kw (1/8 HP to 3 HP) in single phase Various Mountings to meet specific requirements Motors with ball bearings Available in various enclosures Low Vibration and Low Noise Special Shaft, special voltage / frequency motors also available Custom-built motors to meet specific applications Sheet metal body Insulation class ‘B’ or ‘F’ Thermally protected motor


All standard motors are continuously rated to comply with performance standards. Special motors for cyclic or short time duties can also be offered against specific applications. Enclosures

 Drip proof (DP)
 Totally enclosed (TE)
 Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC)
 Air over motors (AOM)

Types of mountings

 Stator pad
 Foot cum flange
 End shield pad

Typical Mountings
• Foot
• Stator pad
• Flange
• Foot cum flange
• End shield pad
• Stud

Wide range of motors ranging from 20 watts (0.025 HP) to 2250 watts (3HP) in single phase designs.

• Typical Applications
 Vacuum pumps
 Wet grinders
 Sewing machines
 Machine tools
 Box strapping machines
 Floor polishers
 Pouch making machines
 Printing presses
 Sugar cane crushers
 Jewellery making machines
 Room coolers
 Needle vibrators
 Commercial air-conditioning
 Poultry equipment

Three Phase Motors

We stock a wide range of general purpose, custom-built single phase and 3 phase motors for industrial and commercial use.

Recently,a range of 3 phase motors in IEC frames 63 to 200 has been launched. This range of premium efficiency IE3 motors is as per IEC60034-30:2008 / IS12615:2011 and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Technical Features

 Frame Size : 63 to 200
 Power Range : 0.18 kW to 30 kW (0.25 HP to 40 HP)
 No. of Poles : 4P as standard (2P, 6P and 8P offered on request)
 Motor Material : Frame: Cast Iron (with mounting feet integral to the housing - for constructions with feet)Terminal Box on top as a standard, Fan Cowl: Sheet Steel, Fan: Thermoplastic
 Degree of Protection : IP55 as per IS:4691
 Voltage : 415 V as standard.
 Frequency : 50 Hz.
 Cooling Type : IC411 as per IS:6362. (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled)
 Ambient Condition : 50°C, Altitude
 Insulation Class : Class F, with temperature rise limited to Class B
 Bearing System : Ball bearings with C3 clearance
 Special Features : Dual speed, Brake motor, Special shaft extension, Insulation class other than F, non-standard voltages,

Most suited for industries like

Cement | Steel | Construction | Machine Tools | Textile | Material Handling | Fertilizers | Poultry | Air-conditioning | Power

Advantages of three phase motors

 The output of 3 phase machine is always greater than single phase machine of same size. The output will be approximately 1.5 times than single phase machine.
 For transmission of electrical power three phase supply requires less copper or less conducting material than that of single phase system for given volt-amperes and voltage ratings. Hence 3 phase system is more economical compared to single phase system
 Single phase machines are not self-starting machines. On the other hand three phase machines are self-starting due to rotating magnetic field.
Three phase system gives steady output and also ensures that a single-phase can be derived from it itself.