Steam hoses, LPG hoses, CNG hoses, Jack hoses, Rig Application hoses, Rock Drill hoses, Mining Application hoses, High Abrasion Resistant hoses, Fire Resistant hoses, Air Conditioning hoses, Gasoline hoses, Fuel Dispensing hoses, Air ( Pneumatic ) hoses, Water hoses, Agriculture hoses, Water Blast hoses.

Steam Hoses As per BS 5342 Type I and 2, IS 10655 Type 2 and 3. In size 1/2” to 2”. Pressure Rating up to 17 Bar and Temperature up to 232 degree centigrade.
LPG Hoses As per IS 9573 Type I,BS EN 1762. In size 1/4” to 2”.Working Pressure - 25 Bar & Temperature Range -40 *C to +65*C.
Special Features Unique Wire Braid design with 1:5=WP:BP ensure enough safety in service. Electrically conductive, Fire resistant.
CNG Hoses In size 1/4’ to 1”. Working Pressure – 25 Bar & Temperature Range – 40 *C to +100*C.
Jack Hoses In size 1/4’ (Working Pressure – 725 bar ), 3/8” ( Working Presure – 725 bar ) and 1/2” ( Working Pressure – 550 bar ).
Rig Application Hoses In size 3/4” to 2”. Inner Tube resistant to high air + Oil mist effect at temperature up to 135 *C generated from Compressors.
Rock Drill Hoses In size 1/2” to 2” Unique Wire Braid design with pressure rating of 35 bar for all sizes.
Mining Application Hoses In size 1/4” to 2”. Superior impulse performance up to 200000 cycles. Thicker cover for high abrasion resistance.
High Abrasion Resistant Hoses Available in 1 SN/2 SN, 4 SP/4SH/R 12/R 13 and R 15 Construction. Useful in sever abrasion conditions.
Fire Resistant Hoses Available in 1 SN/2 SN. 4 SP/4SH/R 12/R 13 and R 15 Construction. Cover designed to dissipate static electricity and to prevent fire hazards.
Air Conditioning Hoses As per SAE J 2064 and ISO 8066 – 2. For R 134a refrigerant only. Size up to 11/8”. For Air Conditioning systems of automotive applications like mobile refrigeration , A/C buses, cars. Also for industrial applications like jumbo freezer, cold storage.
Gasoline Hoses In size 5/8” to 1”. For bulk industrial transfer and loading / unloading into tankers, in bottling plants and service stations.
Fuel Dispensing Hose In size 5/8” to 1” for measured dispensing of petrol, diesel fuels Including oxygenated fuels up to maximum 15% of oxygenated compounds.
Air (Pneumatic) Hoses In size 1/4” to 2” for Pressure 14 Bar. Highly Flexible. As per IS 446 Type II. For all types of pneumatic tools Industries for compressed air application.
Water Hoses In size 1/4” to 2”. General purpose air, water application in construction, engineering, irrigation etc.
Agriculture Hoses In size 1/2” for hydraulically lifting trolley of tractors for Pressure 140 bar.
Water Blast Hoses Size 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” and 1”. Working Pressure – 1400 to 900 bar. Application for very high pressure water jet cutting and cleaning systems.