Stainless Steel Flexible Corrugated Hoses and Assemblies

The Stainless Steel Corrugated Hose is specially designed to achieve several objectives in pipe work design. These include, absorption or vibration, operate under vacuum, handle temperature extremes, suppress rigid pipe noise transmitted, accommodate reciprocating and flexing movement, operate effectively under high pressures and adjust or correct for misalignment. Stainless Steel corrugated hose is a general purpose industrial hose and is available in different grades of stainless steel including 304, 316, 321. The corrugated hose is manufactured from a cylindrical, thin walled tube formed from rolled strip and welded at the seam. Impressed into this tube is a corrugated annular profile. Annular corrugation means each convolution is perpendicular to the centre line of the hose giving a distinct advantage of movement with each corrugation being relatively independent of movement from each other. When the corrugations are closely spaced, the hose is referred to as ‘closed pitch’ hose. Conversely, when the corrugations are more widely spaced, the hose is referred to as ‘open pitch’. Braid (ISO 10380) Unbraided hose (SS0) is satisfactory for vacuum and low pressure applications and for protection against vermin and abrasion. Stainless steel wire braid (SS1) on the hose assembly provides the hose with a higher internal pressure capability by acting as a restraint against hose elongation, and acts to dampen vibration without significant loss of flexibility. A second layer of braid (SS2) may be used to increase pressure rating. The test pressure is not to be exceeded or it may incur permanent corrugation deformation. A third layer of braid (SS3) used to increase pressure rating from SS2.







1) Cryogenic equipment
2) Nuclear plants
3) Steam & hot water
4) Lubrication systems
5) Chemical industry
6) Steel industry
7) Food & Beverages industry8) Fertilizer industry
9) Sugar & Paper industry
10) Automotive exhaust systems
11) Ships & Aircrafts