Thermoplastic Hoses and Assemblies

Available in size up to 1” having 1 or 2 braids of high tensile steel wire with cover of Polyurethane. Also in 1 or 2 braids of high tensile synthetic fibre with cover of Polyurethane in size up to 1”. Core Tube is made of Thermo Plastic Techno Polymer / Polyamide.

The concept of reinforced thermoplastic construction offers outstanding performance. The special characteristics of industrial thermo plastics are used for advantage to achieve low weight, ease of handling, compactness, chemical and abrasion resistance.

Application: Typical applications for these hoses are:

  • High Pressure Hydraulic
  • High Pressure Gas and Liquid Transfers
  • Chemical Industries
  • Rescue Tools
  • Measuring & Control Techniques
  • Surface Treatments (Paint spray application)
  • Lubrication Techniques
  • Mining Applications
  • Offshore Applications
  • Tube Cleaning Operations
  • General Engineering
  • Air-Conditioning
  • High Pressure Cleaning