Air leaving a compressor is hot, dirty, and wet which can damage and shorten the life of downstream equipment, such as valves and cylinders. Before this air can be used, it needs to be cleaned and lubricated. That's where an FRL comes in! An FRL combines a filter, regulator, and lubricator into one component to keep air compressor systems in optimal working condition.

An FRL is comprised of three primary components: Airline filter Pressure regulator Lubricator Each of these individual components has its own role, supporting the larger air compressor system.

Parker offers a large selection of dryers, filters, lubricators, regulators and combination units. Full featured filters, regulators, filter/regulators and lubricators are available with a wide range of standard options to meet your air preparation needs. Dryers Parker point-of-use dryers deliver clean, dry air exactly where needed. They offer a compact, lightweight design, simple plug & play installation and virtually maintenance-free operation. Our clean air systems make it easy for companies to protect equipment, reduce downtime and maintenance costs and maximize compressed air solutions.

Parker's Global Air Preparation solutions offer application performance when you need it, wherever you need it. Parker leads the industry with easy to install and maintain modular assemblies of particulate and coalescing filters, pneumatic pressure regulators, filter regulators, and lubricators due to our patented modular system.

Two-unit and three-unit close nippled and modular filter regulator and lubricator (FRL) combination units provide attractive, versatile air preparation solutions. Parker offers a range of solutions including various pipe sizes, lightweight corrosion-resistant bodies, durable piston or diaphragm design regulators and fingertip lubricator adjustment.